Three Common Mistakes Made When Buying LED Lights

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In recent years, the value received by installing LED lighting products has sparked tremendous growth in the industry. Unfortunately, with this boom in growth, I have also seen poor quality products making it to the marketplace. In my experience, purchasers often require more in-depth knowledge when choosing the product that best suits their needs. The first mistake many buyers make is having unrealistic expectations...

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World Prepares to Celebrate International Year of Light

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Every once in a while, a holiday comes along that I, Dr. Bulb, can get really excited about. One such holiday is The International Year of Light. Quite frankly, it doesn’t get much better than that. The United Nations has designated 2015 as The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL2015), a global initiative to celebrate the uses of light and lighting technology. The year 2015 was chosen for several...

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Will Your Poles Stand Up To The Wind?

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It can get windy out there no matter where you are, but it can get especially gusty in coastal Florida and other similar high-wind zones. If you have pole-mounted fixtures lighting your parking lot, tennis court, or even just your backyard, things can get pretty interesting in areas like those during hurricane season. Whenever Mother Nature gets herself all riled up and throws a major storm in our direction, the media...

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Goodbye Incandescent – Hello….??

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I, Dr. Bulb, am often asked which technology I believe will emerge victorious now that the ban on incandescent bulbs has taken effect. Will it be LED? CFL? Which will replace the ubiquitous 60-watt incandescent bulb? It’s not a question with a clear-cut answer, but there are those (including yours truly) that have been discussing the various options, along with their pros and cons, for some time now. For example, if...

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