LED Mood Lighting Sets the Mood for Weight Loss

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It isn’t groundbreaking news to say that lighting affects mood. This is why you’ll never see someone arrange a romantic date night with rose petals, a bottle of wine, and 1000W metal halide lamps. It’s also why you don’t see too many candlelit jewelry stores. We want different things from our lights, and every kind of light can be used to set a particular kind of psychological precedent. With the development of LED...

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Spooky Lighting Effects to Make Your House the Best in the Neighborhood

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With modern advances in LED lighting, your Halloween decorations will no longer be limited to carved-out pumpkins; no more will your neighbors mock your sad, flickering candles; and never again will you embarrass yourself with green glow sticks tied halfheartedly to your front porch. LEDs can make sure trick-or-treaters will run to your door, either dazzled by cool and classy lights or downright terrified by your spooky LED...

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LED Gunshot Monitoring: Protecting Neighborhoods One Light at a Time

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In a previous blog, I discussed the effect of nighttime lighting on urban crime rates. Studies have shown that, despite many people’s expectations, lighting levels do not necessarily affect an area’s safety or the amount of crime. They do, however, affect our perception of safety; most people feel safer in well-lit areas. To instill this sense of safety and lower energy costs, many cities have begun replacing...

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Factory Without Borders Helps Deliver LED Lighting to Consumers Worldwide

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Factory Without Borders announced in early September that they, along with Chinese LED lighting manufacturer Outrace Technology Co., Ltd. (Outrace), would provide constant, international monitoring of their manufacturing and delivery processes. The move is designed to allow customers to place orders at any time, regardless of where they are in the world. It will also help Outrace track production, determine inventory needs,...

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3D-Printed LED LightPaper Places Lighting on Almost Any Surface

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The range of applications for 3D printing are well known, as the technology is already used creatively in foods, metals, ceramics, and even organ transplant surgeries. Even so, we’ve only begun to utilize the full capabilities of 3D printing. So what’s next? A startup company called Rohinni says, “We print light.” A Paper-Thin LED Light Rohinni has invented an LED light product aptly named LightPaper. It is...

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