Factory Without Borders Helps Deliver LED Lighting to Consumers Worldwide

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Factory Without Borders announced in early September that they, along with Chinese LED lighting manufacturer Outrace Technology Co., Ltd. (Outrace), would provide constant, international monitoring of their manufacturing and delivery processes. The move is designed to allow customers to place orders at any time, regardless of where they are in the world. It will also help Outrace track production, determine inventory needs,...

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3D-Printed LED LightPaper Places Lighting on Almost Any Surface

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The range of applications for 3D printing are well known, as the technology is already used creatively in foods, metals, ceramics, and even organ transplant surgeries. Even so, we’ve only begun to utilize the full capabilities of 3D printing. So what’s next? A startup company called Rohinni says, “We print light.” A Paper-Thin LED Light Rohinni has invented an LED light product aptly named LightPaper. It is...

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Endangered Birds Wounded by Deadly Light Pollution in Hawaii

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Misdirected lighting from an Air Force Base in Hawaii is causing birds to literally fall from the sky. While we’ve long known that light pollution can impact avian life, the severity of that impact is now becoming clear. Fortunately, lighting technology is developing faster than ever before, so solutions are available. Misdirected Lighting and Its Effect on Birds More than 126 birds have recently fallen around Hawaii’s...

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On the Catwalk: LED Technology and High Fashion

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Fedoras. Meat dresses. Handlebar mustaches. Full-body sweaters. Whatever these are. The world of fashion has been known to make some wild (see: questionable) decisions, and I won’t pretend to be able to keep up with every new trend that hits the runway. However, there is one brilliant fashion choice that has grabbed my attention: LEDs. Believe it or not, there is actually remarkable work being done out there to make...

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How Many US Navy Sailors Does It Take to Change an LED?

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To preserve its status as the world’s best, the US military must remain efficient and keep its maintenance costs as low as possible. There are a number of ways to do this; one they’ve recently discovered is to upgrade and replace outdated lighting sources. Tens of thousands of US businesses and homeowners have already made this shift; now the Navy is climbing on board. LED Lighting: The Clear Choice for the US Navy US...

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The New Longest-Ever “Smart Tunnel” Lit with LED Lighting

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LED Tunnel Lighting Comes to Norway Tunnel LED lighting has reached another milestone—this time in Norway. The newly opened Toven Tunnel in northern Norway has become the longest tunnel to be completely lit by LED lighting. The tunnel, which links the towns of Leirfjord and Vefsn, opened in November of 2014. It is 10.7 kilometers (6.6 miles) in length, surpassing other tunnels lit by LEDs in China, Italy, and the...

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