LED Gunshot Monitoring: Protecting Neighborhoods One Light at a Time

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In a previous blog, I discussed the effect of nighttime lighting on urban crime rates. Studies have shown that, despite many people’s expectations, lighting levels do not necessarily affect an area’s safety or the amount of crime. They do, however, affect our perception of safety; most people feel safer in well-lit areas. To instill this sense of safety and lower energy costs, many cities have begun replacing...

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3D-Printed LED LightPaper Places Lighting on Almost Any Surface

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The range of applications for 3D printing are well known, as the technology is already used creatively in foods, metals, ceramics, and even organ transplant surgeries. Even so, we’ve only begun to utilize the full capabilities of 3D printing. So what’s next? A startup company called Rohinni says, “We print light.” A Paper-Thin LED Light Rohinni has invented an LED light product aptly named LightPaper. It is...

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LEDs in Cars Will Communicate via the LiFi Lighting Network

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Usually, when I talk about LED light bulbs, I focus on their luminary benefits—how they offer some of the most natural and most energy-efficient lighting solutions available today. However, I sometimes overlook the totally geek-out-worthy fact that LEDs are able to serve as communication points, too. But . . . who cares? I’m so glad you asked! One of the reasons this is so exciting for me (and you), is that...

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The New Longest-Ever “Smart Tunnel” Lit with LED Lighting

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LED Tunnel Lighting Comes to Norway Tunnel LED lighting has reached another milestone—this time in Norway. The newly opened Toven Tunnel in northern Norway has become the longest tunnel to be completely lit by LED lighting. The tunnel, which links the towns of Leirfjord and Vefsn, opened in November of 2014. It is 10.7 kilometers (6.6 miles) in length, surpassing other tunnels lit by LEDs in China, Italy, and the...

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Tribute to Founding Father of LED: Roland Haitz

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The lighting community lost one of its most brilliant minds this past summer when solid-state lighting advocate and researcher, Roland Haitz, passed away in his California home. Haitz was active in the world of light-emitting diodes until his final days, having signed on to work with QuarkStar four years ago, at the age of seventy-six. As an early supporter of LED technology, Haitz predicted that LED lighting would become...

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Solar LED Lights Improve Quality of Life in Developing Countries

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Residents of developed countries such as the United States often take lighting for granted. For individuals in economically developing countries, illumination is an expensive proposition. In underdeveloped countries the poor spend 100- to 1,000-times more per unit of light than those who are connected to the grid, and yet they only have access to 0.1% of the illumination enjoyed by the first world. The lights they use are...

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