For Paris Metro Stations, Lifi is the new Wifi

Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 in General Lighting, Future, wireless technology | 0 comments

You’ve heard of WiFi, but have you heard of LiFi? LiFi is an emerging technology which would essentially move the internet out of your router, and into your light fixtures. This fast-developing optical wireless communications technology could help increase the capacity of wireless data networks, and provide some promising benefits along the way. What is Li-Fi? Wireless fidelity, or WiFi, uses UHF and SHF ISM radio...

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Solar LED Lights Improve Quality of Life in Developing Countries

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Residents of developed countries such as the United States often take lighting for granted. For individuals in economically developing countries, illumination is an expensive proposition. In underdeveloped countries the poor spend 100- to 1,000-times more per unit of light than those who are connected to the grid, and yet they only have access to 0.1% of the illumination enjoyed by the first world. The lights they use are...

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The Strange Reason Turtles Are Hyding on Jekyll Island

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015 in General Lighting, Future, LED | 1 comment

Environmental authorities have discovered a sharp decline in the number of nesting sea turtles on Georgia’s Jekyll Island, and it appears that light pollution is to blame. 111 nests were counted on other areas of the island this year, with only 1 discovered on the beaches in front of the newly opened Westin Hotel. Prior to the hotel opening, the beach hosted an average of 8 turtle nests a year. Sea turtles can lay...

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Lighting Networks Could Make For a Wonderful Tomorrow

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We are barreling head first into the next generation of the internet. After ecommerce, social media and the cloud, connecting everything is the obvious next step. The trend has been called the “Internet of Things”, or IoT. The connected devices can be as simple as sensors and security cameras or as complicated as vehicles and production machinery. Bosch Software Innovations expects before 2022 there will be 14 billion...

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