White LED Lighting Tunes In to Protect Precious Artwork

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The Warsaw National Museum in Poland has joined the ranks of art museums around the world who are choosing LED for their display lighting. Along with institutions such as the Louvre, the WNM has chosen to upgrade their fixtures to all LED luminaires with no exceptions. The WNM is a safe haven for more than 800,000 historical works of art by Polish and European artists, with items dating back as far as the 8th century....

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Lighting Networks Could Make For a Wonderful Tomorrow

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We are barreling head first into the next generation of the internet. After ecommerce, social media and the cloud, connecting everything is the obvious next step. The trend has been called the “Internet of Things”, or IoT. The connected devices can be as simple as sensors and security cameras or as complicated as vehicles and production machinery. Bosch Software Innovations expects before 2022 there will be 14 billion...

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Is LEP Technology the Next Bright Idea in Lighting?

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Over the last decade LED’s (Light Emitting Diode) have become the technology of choice in the lighting industry. Another technology called Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) has begun to gain traction as a viable alternative for applications requiring high illumination. Not only is the lighting industry taking notice, even the mainstream media has started reporting on the benefits of LEP lighting. How LEP Lighting...

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Will Your Poles Stand Up To The Wind?

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It can get windy out there no matter where you are, but it can get especially gusty in coastal Florida and other similar high-wind zones. If you have pole-mounted fixtures lighting your parking lot, tennis court, or even just your backyard, things can get pretty interesting in areas like those during hurricane season. Whenever Mother Nature gets herself all riled up and throws a major storm in our direction, the media...

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Epson Printer vs. LED Wall Pack – Will It Light?

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Can a vandal-resistant LED wall pack survive a drop from the top of a multi-story building? According to Access Fixtures, it can! They tested the durability of a new LED wall pack in a video asking “Will It Light?” In the video, they drop an Epson ink jet printer, and as expected, it shatters into countless pieces when it hits the pavement. But when they drop the wall pack, it only suffers a small crack. Regardless, the...

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