What is the Difference Between Probe-Start Metal Halide and Pulse-Start Metal Halide?

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Sustainable energy technology continues to advance as the Probe Start and Pulse Start Metal Halide light sources compete for supremacy. High intensity discharge (HID) Metal Halide lighting sources pass an electric arc through a gas. The technology continues to advance in order to achieve the best light intensity, color and affordability. “What is Probe Start?” The Probe Start Metal Halide lamp has better lumen...

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What Happens When New Technology Replaces the Industry Standard?

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In a word, the old technology is TOAST! This is the case with high intensity discharge (HID) luminaires, lamps and ballasts. With rapidly improving performance, which is now in many instances superior to HID, LED luminaires are being used in new projects and replacing HID luminaires as the HID luminaires need to be changed. Typical applications for HID lamps are bollard lights, wall packs, area lights, and street lights....

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2013 Super Bowl MVP Pick Disillusionist

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I, Dr Bulb am a positive guy, but some things just are not right, like the selection of the 2013 Super Bowl MVP. Joe Flacco was the winning quarterback and was selected as MVP, but was that the right choice? No. Jacoby Jones would have been an excellent choice as he made a record tying 108-yard kickoff return and touchdown. Why the light bulbs? When the lights went out, the game stopped. 34 minutes later when the lights...

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