Is Light a Wave or a Particle?

Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in General Lighting, Questions & Answers | 0 comments

The particle and wave-like behavior of light is modeled by two sets of equations and accompanying perspectives on the nature of light and its interaction with matter. Wave-like behavior is based on oscillating electric and magnetic fields propagating through space. These electromagnetic fields interact with charged particles of matter, such as electrons. This wave-like behavior of light is summarized and described by...

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Goodbye Incandescent – Hello….??

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I, Dr. Bulb, am often asked which technology I believe will emerge victorious now that the ban on incandescent bulbs has taken effect. Will it be LED? CFL? Which will replace the ubiquitous 60-watt incandescent bulb? It’s not a question with a clear-cut answer, but there are those (including yours truly) that have been discussing the various options, along with their pros and cons, for some time now. For example, if...

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Lowest Maintenance Costs: LED or Linear Fluorescent?

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There are mounting concerns over the efficiency of the products that power our everyday lives and our lighting is no exception. When looking for the most energy efficient types of lighting available today, one is faced with two different answers: LED or linear fluorescent lights as the most efficient. However, which one of these lighting source reigns supreme in the battle for most efficient lighting source? Certainly there...

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Will upgrading to LED lights increase my heating bill?

Posted by on Nov 7, 2013 in Questions & Answers, LED | 2 comments

The temperatures are falling and your air conditioner has retired for the year, and now you’re thinking about replacing old incandescent bulbs with energy efficient LED lamps. Good for you! But hold on a minute—will your heating bill increase if you switch to LEDs, which don’t give off excess heat? If your home is heated with a gas furnace, using incandescent bulbs as a heat source isn’t the ideal solution. Electric...

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