Across the Board, Racehorses Do Better with LED

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While it’s well-known that LED lighting is cost- and energy-efficient, some British stable owners observe that LEDs may also improve the physical health and well-being of their racehorses, too. Lighting Decisions for Horse Facilities Farmers and riders have long experimented with horse barn lighting options. There are obviously a number of requirements for these kinds of lamps—not only do they have to provide...

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LED Lighting for Volleyball Courts Makes Regulatory Compliance Easier

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If you run outdoor volleyball facilities for a town, club or professional association, you know how much of a headache compliance with light-trespass and light-pollution regulations has become. Even light systems that are compliant at installation degrade in both light quality and fixture orientation, and bam—you have an unhappy neighbor or a regulatory official pounding on your door. LED volleyball court lighting systems...

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Will Your Poles Stand Up To The Wind?

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It can get windy out there no matter where you are, but it can get especially gusty in coastal Florida and other similar high-wind zones. If you have pole-mounted fixtures lighting your parking lot, tennis court, or even just your backyard, things can get pretty interesting in areas like those during hurricane season. Whenever Mother Nature gets herself all riled up and throws a major storm in our direction, the media...

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Light Pollution at Award-Winning Target Field

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Target Field opened in 2010 to rave reviews for its atmosphere, amenities, and even its food. ESPN The Magazine ranked it as the No. 1 stadium in North America. And it’s LEED Silver Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. But Target Field has one major problem for nearby Minneapolis residents who live in the Falls and Pinnacle condominium complex, according to MinnPost. Unlike most of the sports world, they aren’t...

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St. Mary’s Stadium Becomes First LED-lit Arena in Europe

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Southampton sports fans are in for a treat this year as St. Mary’s stadium has become the first stadium in Europe to provide full LED lighting. As I’ve noted before, LED lights have been advancing to the point where they are more energy-efficient as well as more cost-effective than traditional bulbs. Since these lights are long-lasting, they will reduce the amount of new lamps the stadium must install each year....

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LED Lighting for Pirates

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In 2001, a security guard working the evening shift at the Gulf Tower in Pittsburgh had a very important responsibility. Whenever the Pittsburgh Pirates hit a homerun, he was instructed to press a button which triggered a strobe light at the top of the building. I, Dr. Bulb, wouldn’t mind having that job! I definitely know my sports lighting. The lights have come a long way since then. According to the Pittsburgh-Post...

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