LED Flicker and How to Measure It

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While LED lighting offers numerous benefits, it’s not—unfortunately—flawless. Certain lights have flicker, causing the light to exhibit a subtle pulsating or strobing issue. LEDs aren’t an exception. Typically, it is barely noticeable by the human eye. But just because it’s not noticeable by humans, doesn’t mean it’s not causing problems for humans. Health-related issues such as migraines, fatigue, reduced...

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How to Use “Class A Color” Designation for General Light Sources

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Color qualities of electric light can be difficult to understand. What color do you really want for your lighting application? I, Dr. Bulb, have learned to follow “Class A color” designation as the most reliable indicator. The lighting industry relies on correlated color temperature (CCT) and color rendering index (CRI) to communicate color qualities of electric light. However, neither metric can reliably...

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What Happens When Internet Connected Light Bulbs Get Hacked?

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I, Dr. Bulb, have been fascinated with Wi-Fi-enabled LED bulbs, and have even tried them out for myself. But researchers at Context Information Security recently announced that they have been able to expose a security weakness in a Wi-Fi-enabled, energy-efficient LED light bulb that can be controlled from a smartphone. This got me thinking… What happens when hackers take control? Could they turn people’s lives...

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Illuminate Africa!

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Imagine a life where your day is done when the sun goes down. No evening basketball games. No late-night shopping trips. No vital tasks such as hospital visits. For the some 1.6 billion people worldwide with no access to electricity, this is their reality. I, Dr. Bulb, was fascinated by Philips’ initiative to install 100 Philips Community Light Centers across rural Africa by 2015 as part of their “Philips Cape Town to...

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History of Lighting: Recreating the Moon?

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On a hot summer day in 1882, Detroit’s residents gathered around city hall to witness drama, excitement, and most importantly—The Future. Unfortunately, LED lighting wouldn’t be invented for another century, but they had something equally as innovative and thrilling (for the time) to gawk at: moon lights.  I, Dr. Bulb, was not around to witness the age of moon lights. And I’m not sure if I’d want to! In Detroit,...

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