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Epson Printer vs. LED Wall Pack – Will It Light?

Can a vandal-resistant LED wall pack survive a drop from the top of a multi-story building? According to Access Fixtures, it can! They tested the durability of a new LED wall pack in a video asking “Will It Light?” In the video, they drop an Epson ink jet printer, and as expected, it shatters into countless pieces when it hits the pavement. But when they drop the wall pack, it only suffers a small crack. Regardless, the wall pack still works perfectly and lights just as well as it did before the drop!

Traditional wall packs are built using a glass lens, so when the lens breaks, so does the light source inside. In certain areas, this leads to frequent replacement of the fixture, which most property managers would obviously like to avoid. The vandal-resistant wall packs are designed without glass, eliminating damage caused by malicious activity or objects like sports balls, tree branches or rocks. LG LED modules are mounted over a pre-drilled hole in heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing. While the modules are difficult to break, they are simple to replace if necessary.

Check out the video below!

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