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New NASA Images Shed Light on the World at Night

NASA has released new images of the world at night from the NASA-NOAA Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP) satellite. The images were captured in April and October 2012. The image below is a composite image of the world at night.
These images were made available by NASA’s new, advanced imaging technology. The images are beautiful, and allow us a look at light use (and light pollution) all over the world. Read more about the technology and see more images here.

Light pollution is a growing concern for environmentalists. Light pollution refers to light from a fixture that is distributed anywhere other than the area it is intended for. All of this extra light is wasted energy, and has detrimental effects on wildlife. Additionally, light pollution can disturb people when light shines into windows, or lightens the sky so that stargazing becomes an impossibility. Many are turning to dark-sky compliant fixtures in an effort to reduce light pollution. Read more about light pollution, and the way dark-sky compliance can help in this blog post.

Access Fixtures recently took a stand against light pollution with their brand new 180 degree bollard light shield. This shield is available for all Access Fixtures bollard lights. The shield blocks light from half of the fixture, so that when placed between buildings and walkways light trespass is eliminated, leaving building occupants undisturbed. The shield blocks light from the areas where it is not wanted, and enhances the light emitted onto the walkway. Learn more about this new light shield in the press release.

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