Is 1,000 Lumens per $1 Reality for LEDs?

Philips Lumileds just announced an LED emitter that achieves more than 1,000 lumens per dollar. Now, that is something that gets Dr. Bulb quite excited. Why does this matter? With LEDs, luminaire performance is frequently measured by lumens per dollar. Every lumen costs money, and the greater the luminaire output, the higher the price.

Say for instance you were lighting a tennis court with LEDs. While the foot-candles required could be achieved with anywhere from 8 to 16 luminaires depending on lumen output, the most relevant factor in pricing the luminaires is the lumens per dollar.

It’s also important to consider that this will bring down the overall cost of LED luminaires. Everyday LED luminaires like LED wall packs and LED bollard lights achieve higher efficacy and lower prices, enabling the LED luminaires to more easily replace high intensity discharge (HID) lighting.

Photo: PHILIPS Lumileds

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