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2013 Super Bowl MVP Pick Disillusionist

I, Dr Bulb am a positive guy, but some things just are not right, like the selection of the 2013 Super Bowl MVP. Joe Flacco was the winning quarterback and was selected as MVP, but was that the right choice? No. Jacoby Jones would have been an excellent choice as he made a record tying 108-yard kickoff return and touchdown.

Why the light bulbs? When the lights went out, the game stopped. 34 minutes later when the lights went back on the game was able to continue. There was nothing as important to the game as the MVP light bulbs!

Light bulb aficionados know New Orleans Superdome arena is lit by sports lighters that use metal halide lamps. While most are looking at the game, I sit looking up wondering if the lighting is metal halide or pulse start metal halide. In this case the timing made it obvious, metal halide.

When the lights went out, a 15-minute cool down period was required. The cool down might have taken place while power was being restored. Once power was restored there is a restrike time. This is the 7 to 8 minutes it takes for the metal halide lamps to come back up to full power. Once the sports lighters were all on and the lamps came up to full power the game could resume.

No light. No game. Lights on. Let the games begin. The light bulbs should be MVP. I rest my case.

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