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2015 LED Rebate Trends

It appears that 2015 will be another good year to take advantage of LED rebates and incentives in North America. Although a few of 2014’s programs did end, others are benefitting from new funding and are once again offering rebates. Currently active rebate programs are covering 72% of this country.

LED Replacement Lamp Rebates Have Dropped by 32%

Rebates for LED replacement lamps like MRs, PARs, decorative lamps, and A-lamps have dropped more than expected. The average rebate has gone from $11.12 during 2014 to $7.51. This is due to adjustments meant to match the price decrease of LED lamps. Even so, these programs still offer an excellent opportunity for customers to replace their halogen and incandescent lamps.

LED T8 Tube Replacement has gained in Popularity

As a larger number of LED T8 Tubes hit the market, they are being more widely accepted in the country’s rebate programs. The amount of programs providing rebates for these LED tube replacement lamps has tripled since 2014. With rebates averaging $8.29 for each lamp, they can be a big financial help.

Many programs are still working on the details when it comes to LED T8 tubes. California was expected to offer rebates for these lamps this year, but they have put it on hold until they can further evaluate the details. Maryland’s rebate program experienced revisions within their guidelines twice within just a few weeks’ time. They now require CEE-listed ballasts in order to receive a rebate.

Rebates for Lighting Control Stay Strong

Rebates for lighting controls have remained at high levels for a fifth year. Other lighting technology rebates frequently fluctuate while lighting control rebates have remained stable since 2010. On average one can expect a rebate of $32.68 for remote mounted occupancy sensors. Fixed mounted sensors are receiving average rebates of $30.30. Because the rebates are quite high when compared to the cost, these become an affordable add-on to one’s energy efficiency projects.

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