50 Years of LED Technology

In 1962, Nick Holonyak invented the first LED light while working at a GE laboratory. I, Dr. Bulb, may be his biggest fan. The best thing about this incredible inventor? He’s not done yet.

Nick Holonyak is another in a long line of American innovation. Since their conception 50 years ago, LED lights have undergone many transformations. Originally, LEDs were only used as the small red lights for things like elevators and radios. The changes LEDs have undergone have made them comparable, and, in my personal opinion, superior to incandescent and other popular types of bulbs. LEDs are incredibly long lasting, so their upfront cost is ultimately outweighed by their years of steady performance and low electricity use. The low electricity drain of these bulbs also makes them some of the greenest lighting options on the market, a key consideration as our world grows more conscious of green technology. With many commercial and sports applications, LEDs are beginning to appear in cities, buildings, and sports venues across the United States and the world.  People and companies are encouraged to use green technologies like LEDs in construction or refurbishment projects through various rebate programs.

Nick Holonyak continues his work as a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Physics at the University of Illinois. The following video exemplifies the spirit of this incredible man, and his undying commitment to making the world a better place through consistent improvements to lighting technologies.

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