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An LED Display of Election Results

Dr. Bulb here with some cool news about one of my favorite pieces of architecture in the world. The Empire State Building in New York City will be displaying the election results on their brand new, custom LED panel technology system. This vertical LED meter will show CNN’s running tally of the votes in the presidential election.

This is the first time the Empire State Building will be putting their new LED technology to use. The new LED light system allows the lights to be more dynamic, changing colors and designs in real time. Lit in red, white and blue, the building will be an iconic display, showing both patriotism and real-time election results. The lighting tradition of the Empire State Building dates back to 1932, when the building first started using lighting to recognize key events, holidays, etc. The new design specific to the election will be beautiful and fun for New Yorkers in the wake of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The best thing about it? It is yet another example of the versatility, effectiveness, and efficiency of LED lighting technology. Read more about the new display here.

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