Another Prediction of the Future of Lighting

What will the future of lighting look like? LED is changing it as I write. The future is yet to be written for OLED, one of the newest emerging technologies. Key design elements of OLED are that OLEDs are incredibly thin and flexible. This facilitates unique designs that are also thin and shaped. To see what the future may bring check out LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE —Design and Trend, This Is What Lighting Will Look Like In The Future Thanks To OLED Technology.

Also, be sure to watch the video of the luminaire in action. In action you ask? Yes. That brings up another point. Who wants a luminaire flashing, changing patterns and moving? I have no idea, but then this is all a prediction of the future, something that may be coming to a location near you. It doesn’t mean people will want this or that it will become reality.

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