Arborlight Outshines the Competition at Sapphire Award Gala

Arborlight, a leading developer of advanced LED technology, has received top honors for their innovative smart lighting technology. The award was announced in February, at the inaugural LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award gala, which was held in conjunction with the Strategies in Light conference in Las Vegas. Arborlight was this year’s winner in the category of Smart Solid State Lighting Technology.

On Feb 25, 2015, developers from across the globe joined each other to celebrate the innovation taking place in the LED and SSL industries. Companies working in these sectors nominated over 100 products from 10 countries around the world for consideration. Judges selected finalists, announced in January, across 13 categories including SSL Lamp Design, LED drivers and Smart SSL Technology. On Gala night, the best developers in each category took home the Sapphire trophy.

Judges were asked to evaluate the various technologies presented based on their ability to deliver new capabilities not found in legacy products, potential commercial use, and performance. Arborlight’s victory in the new smart technology category is especially noteworthy, given that they were up against some well-established competitors such as CREE and Philips Color Kinetics. “Arborlight’s new technology earned some of the highest scores in the entire competition,” commented Maury Wright, Editor-in-Chief of LEDs Magazine. “It is cool and adds a completely new dimension to lighting,” Wright added.

Arborlight’s LightWell 16 SSL Daylight Emulation™ technology breaches the boundaries between smart lighting and human-centric lighting. The lights, once installed, look like skylights and are able to simulate daylight in terms of color, intensity and directionality. Smart lighting software includes adjustments for the time of year and geographic location. Alternatively, users are able to wirelessly tune the color, intensity and time to their preference using smart phones, wireless devices or desktop computers.

CEO Michael Forbis was present to accept the award on behalf of the company. “Recognition of this magnitude is sincerely appreciated,” said Forbis. “It serves to validate the ground-breaking nature of Arborlight’s new technology,” Forbis continued. The groundbreaking technology could prove enormously beneficial to human well-being  in countless applications such as work, health care, education and home.

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