Outdoor commercial bollard lights are used for outdoor pathway lighting. Made with major USA brand name ballasts and lamps, most bollards offer durable housings, gaskets and lenses. Bollards come is your choice of color and are available in round or square. A variety of lamp types are available including LED, high pressure sodium, pulse start metal halide, and compact fluorescent.


Outdoor bollard lights have a tough extruded aluminum shell housing making them impervious to the elements and extremely durable. A clear or prismatic polycarbonate lens ensures a long life and excellent distribution of light.

Lamp Types

LED – The energy efficient LED lamp offers a lifespan of longer than 50,000 hours. Since LED lights do not have filaments they are less likely to break or fail. LED lamps do not produce a lot of heat and include the feature of being dimmable.  The lamp life is on the upside of 50,000 hours

High Pressure Sodium – These lamps offer a lumen output that is very high. Normally used in outdoor fixtures such as wall packs and streetlights, high pressure sodium lamps emit a yellow light that is less attractive to insects than white lamps.

Compact Fluorescent –  Since compact fluorescent lamps do not require ballasts to function, they are a relatively inexpensive compared to other lamps. Compact fluorescents offer great color rendering and have a lamp life of 10,000 to 20,000 hours.

Pulse Start Metal Halide- These lamps are commonly used in sports stadium, court lighting and other areas that require a high lumen output. Pulse start metal halide lights have good color rendition and are reliable in extreme temperatures. The have a lamp life of 20,000 hours

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