Dr. Bulb here with some amazing news! Ok, so maybe I’m a little over excited about this…but LED Bollards are finally here!


As you may have read in my previous posts, I believe LEDs are truly the lighting of the future. They are low cost, low maintenance, last significantly longer than other lighting options, and are some of the most energy efficient lights on the market. How could you not love them?


The commercial and sports lighting company Access Fixtures has recently released one of their newest products: an incredible LED Bollard. To date, bollard lights have not been built specifically for LEDs, but some have been modified to accommodate LED bulbs. The new bollard lights at Access Fixtures are specifically built for LEDs with a purpose built reflector in the bollard head to maximize performance and efficacy. These lights are a perfect option for those looking for a green, cost-efficient walkway lighting solution.


You can read the full press release about these new bollards.


Or, find more specific information regarding these light fixtures.