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Dr. Bulb here, your friendly neighborhood lighting specialist/superhero! What qualifies me as a superhero you may ask? Well, according to a recent study by the Campbell Collaboration, a reputable research institution, properly placed lighting in common spaces can reduce incidents of crime.




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The Campbell Collaboration has confirmed that the amount of crimes decreased by a whole 21% in areas that underwent street lighting improvements, compared to comparable areas that did not. The decrease is thought to be caused by improved nighttime visibility and increased community pride. Improving the lighting in a common space is both beautiful and practical; it can help decrease criminal incidents in your area and add to aesthetic enjoyment.

There are many ways to improve the lighting in an area or walkway. Bollard lights are great for non-glare lighting that illuminates pathways without inhibiting eye-level sight. Looking to flood light over a side or back yard? Wall packs are the way to go. They are great for eliminating or reducing low-lit spaces in large areas.

While I hope you are excited about the opportunity to improve lighting and reduce crime, let me add in a note of caution. Choosing the wrong type of light fixture, or placing it improperly can do more harm than good. It is possible to increase glare and create blind spots, which would have an opposite effect on safety. Working with a lighting professional, like me and all of us here at Access Fixtures, is extremely important when considering any lighting project. While we do not guarantee that improving lights in your area will decrease crime, there are several studies that show that there is most likely a correlation between better lighting and lower criminal incidents. 

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