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Comprehensive Bollard Light Efficacy Chart

Figuring out the right luminaire for an application can be challenging. Even with my lighting expertise, I. Dr. Bulb, still need to think carefully about my lighting decisions. For bollard lights, not only are there various styles to choose from, there’s also a number of other choices to make. These include optics (louvers, standard reflectors, or type 5), lamp type (fluorescent, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or LED) and a range of wattages. Knowing the efficacy that each combination produces has always been difficult.

I was excited to discover that Access Fixtures has published new data listing the efficacy of EVERY bollard light configuration. The reference chart is the most comprehensive document to date, eliminating the work needed to figure out every possible combination. The data includes calculated light output in lumens for the light source as well as the entire system. This allows property managers and electrical contractors to make more informed decisions when purchasing bollard lights. Click here to view the Bollard Light Efficacy Chart.

What was once a tedious task just got a little easier! For more lighting tips, follow me on twitter @doctorbulb, like me on Facebook, check out my Google+ profile, and subscribe to my blog!

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