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Could This LED Lighting Innovation Change The Way Sports Are Played?

Hey there sports lighting fans! Dr. Bulb here, providing some exciting news about a new development in LED sports lighting. A recent article explains that a high school in Germany has installed a gym floor that uses LED lights for changeable boundary lines. What this means, is that a gymnasium can turn from a basketball court to a volleyball court to a tennis court without having messy overlapping lines. The possibilities of LED lights in the floor are endless! The lights could show the score of a basketball game right through the floor, or flash to the beat of a song in a dance club. I can just see myself, Dr. Bulb, doing the electric slide across a dance floor lit by LED lights. Check out this amazing YouTube video about the new lighting technology here.

Aside from the endless possibilities of a gym that can change its lines at the flick of a switch, an LED floor offers important environmental benefits. Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED does not contain toxins like mercury, making them safe and environmentally friendly to dispose. LED lights last longer than standard bulbs because they don’t have the fragile parts like filaments and igniters that cause bulbs to break down. Without these extra parts, there is nothing to stop LED bulbs from lasting for years.

LED lighting is Dr. Bulb-approved for a gymnasium floor because of the durability of LEDs. LED lights are built sturdy and resistant to vibrations and shocks, perfect for bouncing a basketball or spiking a volleyball. The LED lights are covered by glass flooring that mimics the wood floor of a basketball court. The company that designed the floor conducted “bounce tests” to make sure that a basketball bounces equally high on the glass surface as it does on a regular basketball court. One illuminating option is the possibility to combine the floor with sensor technologies. The LED lights could display exactly where a ball landed or where a player stepped out of bounds. It could ensure that the referee would never miss a game-changing call again.

I have told you before about the importance of sports lighting such as tennis court lighting, but LEDs under the court could change the game. I foresee some awesome glow in the dark basketball games and maybe even some new sports that have never been possible before.

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