Cree Announces New Extreme Power LED Bulb

With advancements in LED technology, companies are constantly able to announce new LED solutions that are more efficient and less expensive. Recently, Cree announced  an xhp (extreme high power) LED bulb that is the least expensive to make compared to any of the company’s previous bulbs. The lighting company claims that the new LEDs are able to reduce the cost of LED fixtures by up to 40 percent.

Cree’s latest contribution to the LED lighting community will be less expensive to make and provide improved light quality, which they hope will accelerate the industry’s adoption of LED lighting. Despite recent advances in lighting technology, LED remain a small (but fast-growing) segment in the lighting industry. This is primarily due to the premium paid for LED.

With the company’s new xhp LEDs, Cree is actively working to reduce this upfront cost. The new bulbs make use of Cree’s new SC5 Technology platform, Because they work reliably at a higher temperature, this requires a less costly heat sink. The new LEDs also have double the lumens on a single LED as compared to previous bulbs. Having more lumens on a single LED enables the bulb to be made with a smaller lens, which also reduces the cost of the bulb.

As impressive as this seems, we have yet to see whether this bulb is as effective as Cree claims. But we do know that LED prices are falling, which enables a faster return-on-investment. This motivates consumers to implement LED lighting at a faster rate.


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