Enjoy LED Light Shows? You Won’t Want to Miss Blink!

I don’t know about you but I, Dr. Bulb, am getting very excited for the fast approaching holiday season. One great way to celebrate is attending fun, holiday themed events! One such event is coming to Boston, and that’s not even the best part!

Blink! is a light-and-sound show. It features the music of the Boston Pops, and will be held at Faneuil Hall. This show is sure to amaze, and all in an energy-efficient way! The show includes over a quarter of a million LED lights, and an astounding 85 foot high Christmas tree. The show will run from November 17th to December 31st. The Faneuil Hall Marketplace Merchants Association claims in a press release that “The entire six-week show uses the same amount of electricity as the average American household,” an amazing feat for a show of this magnitude. To what do they owe this statistic? Energy and cost-efficient LEDs, of course. Read more about the show here.

Blink! is one of many applications for LED lights. They are gaining popularity for other uses as well including commercial and sports lighting. Be sure to check out Access Fixtures’ selection of LED lamps, LED tennis court lighting, LED Wall Packs, and LED bollard lights!

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