“Gallery of Dim Bulbs” – Choosing the Right LED Lamp

What happens when Margaret the zombie tries to apply makeup in dim LED light? Everyone screams the moment she steps outside!

Energy Star recently created a series of YouTube videos called “The Gallery of Dim Bulbs.” The series features three characters who face the consequences of using poor quality LED bulbs. Meredith, a zombie, doesn’t realize her misguided attempt to use energy-efficient lighting makes her look undead. Poor lighting leads her husband, Floyd to accidentally blow up his TV, and Madame Helga, a fortune teller, tells Floyd that his large intestine is going to marry a catalytic converter. Watch the videos here.

While the stories are entertaining, the message is important in LED lighting. LED lamps are not created equal. Choosing the right LED lamp for a lighting project is critical for a variety of reasons. Poor choice of lighting can lead to safety issues, light pollution, or simply unattractive light quality.

ENERGY STAR was established in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star certified products are tested by a third-party in EPA-recognized laboratories in addition to being subject to annual “off-the-shelf” verification testing. Qualified products must be energy efficient as well as deliver the features and performance demanded by customers. By using Energy Star certified products, consumers can avoid the problems that Meredith, Helga, and Floyd faced.

Meredith chose an Energy Star certified LED lamp that saves energy but also shines a much brighter and better light. Now, she doesn’t scare anyone when she leaves the house.

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