How to Update a Cool Antique Light Fixture

In a recent lighting forum discussion, a user posted photos of an old antique fixture they found in the woods. It is a very unique fixture that the person was looking to restore and reuse, but did not know how to. Luckily, an Access Fixtures lighting specialist was there to help!

This fixture is a revere harp pump island light that originally used a 150 watt bulb with a mogul socket.

The Access Fixtures lighting specialists recognized the mogul socket, and suggested a mogul to medium socket converter which would allow the fixture to be repurposed using a medium socket lamp. Another option the specialists suggested was rewiring the fixture with a medium socket. Taking this approach would require careful, secure installation. Additionally, Access Fixtures lighting experts recommended that it would be best to bypass the ballast for rewiring, assuming the ballast is still in the fixture.

Other than the rewiring/repurposing, this fixture can be easily cleaned and refinished to create a cool, trendy new light fixture! The forum user plans to use it as a security fixture for their garage. Another great fixture for illuminating outdoor space is a wall pack. Wall pack lighting fixtures are offered in many styles and options, including energy efficient LED wall packs. You can find all types of wall packs at Access Fixtures by browsing our website, calling us, or utilizing our live chat feature to speak with an expert!

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