I K (lEd) A!

Reporter (Dr.) Bulb here, with the new craze that is truly sweeping the nation. Actually, maybe you should call me hipster Bulb because I’ve been talking about this for months. It’s LEDs, of course!

The newest news in LEDs is that IKEA, the huge home goods company, has recently announced that they will only be selling energy-efficient LED lightbulbs in their stores. This shift is monumental, as Ikea will be the very first U.S. home furnishings chain to limit their lightbulb offerings in this way. Read an article about IKEA’s decision here.

This is, in my opinion, a wonderful change for the company to be making. LED lights offer many incredible advantages, and are a small change that can make a big difference in the health of our planet. They are energy-efficient which means less waste, and lower energy costs. LEDs are practical for the home, a fact that those at IKEA are well aware of, but they are also extremely effective for commercial and sports lighting. If you or someone you know are working on a commercial or sports project that requires lighting, be sure to look at LEDs and the many advantages they offer.

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