Increase of LED Lighting In Developing Countries

I knew I was an LED enthusiast for a reason! Because of their energy-efficiency, LED lighting is continuing to be a huge solution for rural areas of the world.

The world’s poorest have increased spending on LED lighting, energy storage, and other off-grid electricity technologies, according to a report by Larry West. Because of the decreasing costs of solar, lighting and energy storage technologies, next-generation lighting has become more of a solution in the developing world where over 1 billion residents live without access to reliable electricity.

In cities like Los Angeles, LED lighting like LED wallpacks or LED bollards help cut energy costs, carbon dioxide emissions, and excessive light pollution. But in the poorest countries of the world, LED lighting is becoming a more accessible option than kerosene lamps and fires fueled by animal waste.

The lack of utilities to provide electricity for residents throughout India, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia and Sub-Saharan Africa has created a big opportunity for startup companies to step in and supply electricity through alternative solutions. In the past decade, off-grid solar power, LED lighting and energy storage installations in the developing world have increased from zero to 4 million!

We know Philips plans to install 100 Community Light Centers across Africa by 2015, but many other companies have a similar goal. SunEdison installed a 14-kilowatt solar-powered microgrid for 400 villagers living in a remote enclave of Meerwada, India, as part of its Eradication of Darkness Program, according to With a low-profit business model, they hope to illuminate villages throughout India, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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