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Induction Lamps Brighten Up The University of Michigan’s Player Development Center

The University of Michigan’s men’s basketball team is shooting for a Big Ten title and a long NCAA Tournament run this season. While the Wolverines continue to rack up victories in games, brand new induction lighting is helping them on the practice court.

Fifty-six Induction High Bay fixtures were installed in the university’s state-of-the-art Player Development Center, which is attached to the arena where Michigan plays its home games. Induction is a perfect fit for gymnasiums and recreation centers   


Induction technology is basically fluorescent lamp lighting without electrodes. It uses magnetic induction to ignite the phosphors instead of electrodes. The main advantages of induction technology are as follows. Electrodes are a significant point of failure on traditional fluorescent lamps causing more frequent replacement. Induction lamps do not have electrodes and consequently have an extremely long life, rated at 100,000 hours. Also, the lack of electrodes makes them more reliable in high-vibration applications such as gymnasiums and fitness centers. The second major advantage is the ability to use light generating substances that would react with metal electrodes in normal lamps, enabling the use of higher performance substances for more light.

 Induction lights are ‘instant-on.’ A coach can flip a switch and start practice instead of waiting several minutes for them to warm up and fully illuminate.

Induction technology delivers an unequaled 100,000 hours of high quality white light which makes them virtually maintenance free. That is the equivalent of 100 incandescent lamps, 5 HID lamps, or 5 typical fluorescent lamp life cycles.

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