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LED Lighting Developments: 2012-2013

2012 was truly the year of the LED light. Dr. Bulb here, wishing you a happy and energy efficient New Year!

2012 saw some major developments in LED technology. One only needs to look back at some of the old Dr. Bulb blog posts to see some of the many LED stories that emerged this year. One of the major milestones included the 50 year anniversary of the invention of the LED by Nick Holonyak. The developments in LED lighting this past year are monumental, and will have major cost and energy implications for the years to come. has released an article that discusses the top ten lighting developments of 2012. Lighting technology will continue to flourish in 2013 as LED cost and energy benefits are recognized. Many cities have switched to LED streetlights, light shows and displays are benefiting from the advantages of versatile LED lighting, and rebate programs encourage the use of LED lights in new construction or renovation projects. It’s no wonder LEDs are beginning to pop up everywhere we look!

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