Extreme Growth of LED Lighting – Hype or Reality?

A group of lighting experts recently got together to discuss topics in LED lighting. One topic of conversation was the recently published by somebody statistic –  5% of sockets have LED lamps. It is predicted that the number will grow to 75% in 2020. 2020 is only 6 years away. Is extreme growth of the LED lighting market hype or reality?

I, Dr. Bulb, am not a seer, but is it plausible? YES!

One data point is never statistically significant, but this is becoming a frequent experience for many. The office building that I work in had a 64w fluorescent light in the bathroom. It was swapped out for an 11w lamp in a lamp holder. Basically this is a cheap light fixture with an 11w LED light bulb base up with the lamp directing light down. The light from the former fixture distributed light everywhere and most light was wasted. The lighting now has higher CRI and the bathroom is better lit.

Assuming the bathroom light is on for two hours a day and it is probably on a lot less, the total energy savings is 27,560 watts of energy every year. Great, but here is where the REAL change is. The LED lamp is rated to maintain 80% of its lumen output at 50,000 hours, and could last even longer. Unlike most fluorescent lighting though, it can handle constant on/off cycles without reducing the longevity of the light source. Perfect for a bathroom where people are always walking in and out!

So how long will it last? Being a business open five days per week and with the lamp on two hours per day, the LED would be on ten hours per week and 520 hours per year. Used 520 hours per year the lamp would last 96 years! I for one will not be replacing that LED light bulb.

Presently, property owners and homeowners might be discouraged by the $10 to $20 price tag of LED bulbs, but once consumers realize LEDs can be installed and forgotten for possibly decades and more, as well as save energy, they will change their minds. The cost of LEDs is far less when you realize you don’t have to replace burned out light bulbs too.

I, Dr. Bulb, believe the claim is possible and behavior will change. And don’t forget the price of LEDs is continuing to fall while technology advances. Soon, the choice to use LED lighting will be a no-brainer!

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