LED Lights: The Next Standard in Museum Lighting?

I, Dr. Bulb, love museums. Recently, I took a trip to the Peabody Essex Museum to see their hats exhibit, which I highly recommend. Another museum, the Indiana University Art Museum, has just instituted an incredible LED lighting system for their Special Exhibitions Gallery. Instead of the normal yellow glow of lights previously used for exhibits (see photo below), these LEDs emit a clean, white light, highlighting the pieces in the gallery.

The new lighting display was designed by Rob Shakespeare, a professor in the Department of Theater and Drama at the university. He chose LED lights for this design for a variety of reasons: they will save the museum money, help in the preservation of the items in the exhibit, and display the items in a white light, as opposed to the yellowish light throughout the rest of the museum. The items in the gallery include oil paintings by another Indiana University professor, Barry Gealt. Other exhibits in this gallery are baby carriers from Chinese minority groups and German expressionism. Read more about the incredible new LED lighting system and the exhibit here. Will we see more museums switching over to LED lights? Who knows, but I sure hope so. While the initial start up costs may be higher, the outcome is energy savings over the lifetime of the lamps, less energy consumption, and perhaps a more beautiful museum.

This new museum lighting is one example of the many ways that people are utilizing LEDs today. Now more than ever, people are using LEDs for their new projects and renovations. LED lights are great in many applications including bollard lights, tennis court lights, wall packs and much more! Learn more about options for LED lights from Access Fixtures.

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