LEDs at Electronic Music Festival

I found another impressive way LED lighting was used—and controlled by dancing!

At Nuits Sonores, an electronic music festival in France, LEDs were used in a Kinect-powered interactive amphitheater that radiated light based on the footsteps of the attendees. The installation featured a huge interactive pyramid built in collaboration with London interactive studio Is This Good? and architects Looking For Architecture.

According to Is This Good?, a matrix of 6 Kinects tracked raving dancers on the pyramid as they moved facing the performers. DMX lighting was deployed within the pyramid along with generative graphics on the projection screen above. I, Dr. Bulb, would love to test my dance moves on this pyramid!

The five-tier pyramid was made from a semi-transparent plastic embedded with LEDs. The LEDs were controlled by an OpenFrameworks script, which drew information about the location of the attendees from the Kinects. The lights turned on and changed in intensity as the ravers moved about the platforms.

Can we find a way to connect LED wall packs or LED bollard lights to the Kinect? I can only imagine how cool the walkway to my house would look as I danced my way home.

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