LEDs Drive Cities to Compete for Tourism

As my readers know, LED lights are known for delivering remarkable light for far less energy than regular lamps. Now they are lighting up cities with color and style. High-rise buildings, which lay in shadows at night, are now as colorful as their designer’s imagination. This has launched a new way for cities to entice tourists to visit and update the identity of famous landmarks.

Skyscrapers can become canvases for designers who choose colors and patterns to highlight the existing structure. You’ll find these LED light shows lighting up iconic buildings in San Francisco, New York City, and Dubai, among many others. It brings the night to life in a way that anyone can enjoy. City planners can use the idea to attract families, romantic couples, and world travelers alike.

On iconic buildings such as the Empire State Building, LED lighting highlights the existing architectural features. LED lighting makes it easy for visitors to locate famous sites at night, adding value to the content of a busy trip. With postcards, magnets and photographs depicting the landmarks, the LED lighting becomes the subject of souvenirs sales.

LED lights add an air of excitement, like a carnival or parade. The patterns and colors can be changed periodically to encourage repeat visitors and to highlight special events or holidays. With computers to control the action, the lights can alternate for even more visual interest. The sky is the limit, as the saying goes.

This follows another LED trend. More and more cities have been using long-lasting LED lights to reduce the cost of electricity and maintenance. As energy savers, LED lights have already had a positive impact on the city’s bottom line. If LEDs can now be used to encourage tourism, that has the ability add more tax base and improve the city’s bottom line even further.

And another group that benefits from this trend? Professionals who sell and install LED lighting, like electrical distributors, compete for these types of large-scale project. Lighting up a high-rise building is no small (or inexpensive) task!

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