LEDs Improve Conditions in Factories

While there is controversy surrounding the conditions in factories located in developing countries, apparently LED lighting can help improve employees’ comfort.

In a report from the University of Michigan, LEDs are stated to help increase productivity in apparel and garment factories. LEDs produce drastically less heat than traditional forms of lighting, which produces a more comfortable working environment.

The study surveyed 25 garment factories in Bangalore, India and found that employees are more productive and absent less when they are more comfortable. Each factory that was included in the survey employees hundreds of individuals that work with machines that run constantly, often in buildings without air-conditioning. Keeping factories cool has become increasingly challenging due to changes in climatic conditions, especially in developing countries, and using LEDs can help remedy the issue.

The study also found that LEDs cost about $6,300 to install, and the energy savings were about $3,000 each year. Employees are more likely to complete production targets when they’re not overheated, allowing the factories to make nearly a reported additional $13,000 per factory each year.

LEDs typically have high CRI and superior light quality, which can improve the visibility at the factories, and consequently improve the quality of the garments and apparel.

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