LEDs – Making Hospital Visits Brighter

LED lighting is an effective way to save energy and money, but what else does it have the power to do? I, Dr. Bulb, took a look at how LEDs are improving patients’ moods during hospital stays. Retrofitting outdated T12 fluorescent fixtures with LED troffers is a great start, but these hospitals went above and beyond to make their patients happy.

LED Lighting for Intensive Care Patients – Reducing Stress


Intensive care units are often pretty grim environments, which is the last thing that critically ill patients want or need. In Charité Clinic in Berlin, an LED lighting system is trying to change that and improve patient care, according to Gizmodo. The system simulates daylight and even plays media on the large sky-like area! The illuminated area uses 15,400 LEDs, spanning the entire ceiling and wall in front of the patients.

Clinicians believe that the gentle stimulation can reduce stress levels, and can even prevent critically ill patients from slipping into shock when they undergo physical stress. Sounds like a great idea to me.

Nemour’s Children Hospital – Giving Children Control


Nemour’s Children Hospital is a new state-of-the-art medical facility in Orlando, Florida with a commitment to being environmentally conscious. The hospital is one of three children’s hospitals in the U.S. with the prestigious designation of being a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified building. One of the reasons the hospital received this designation is for its use of energy-efficient lighting!

The hospital uses multi-colored LEDs to give young patients a small sense of control and comfort during their stay by enabling them to choose the color of the lights in their rooms. The lights illuminate the Orlando skyline and have become an iconic image, proving that Orlando is more than Mickey Mouse.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital – Creating an Escape


When Pheonix Children’s Hospital received a $538 million expansion, they based their renovation design on the theme of a desert flower blooming at night. They wanted the innovative interior and exterior lighting to reflect that theme. For the exterior, they aimed to turn it into a beacon that could be seen from any direction while adhering to the Dark Sky ordinance. Of course, LEDs are perfect for that since they only illuminate designated areas.

Color Kinetics LED Lighting fixtures create an immersive escape for patients and families. The cheerful, colorful lobby features rows of concealed color-changing fixtures. The main corridor even has a LED water wall, varying shades of blue and aqua. Click here to see how LEDs created an unbelievable experience for the young patients.

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