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Light Reading: Lumens

I, Dr. Bulb will be trying on a new hat. Today, you can call me Professor Bulb. I’m here to teach you a little bit about lumens.

The amount of lumens is one important consideration when shopping for light bulbs or fixtures. Lumens are units of measurement of the amount of light, or the level of brightness a bulb or light fixture gives off. The more lumens, the brighter the light. Previously, comparing watts was a relatively reliable way to gauge the level of brightness; but as more energy efficient options are taking over the market, comparing watts is less relevant. Understanding lumens is a far more effective way to compare lighting options today.


The level of lumens is an especially important consideration when shopping for LEDs. Many people believe LEDs emit a light that is extremely cold and blue. This is not always true. If you are looking for an energy efficient lighting option that emits a warm light, just look for LEDs with fewer lumens and a lower kelvin rating like these. Kelvin ratings determine the warmth or coldness of a light. The higher the kelvin rating, the less blue the light. Typically a light will start to look blue at a kelvin rating around 55 or 65. Many lights can be adjusted to different kelvin ratings and lumens. The best way to find the type of lighting to best suit you is by talking to a lighting specialist.

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When looking at bulbs, there are many lighting facts to consider. In addition to lumens, one can compare estimated yearly cost, life, light appearance and energy used. Keep up with the blog to find more “light reading” posts by Dr. (or professor) Bulb.

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