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It is that time of year again, on April 23, Light Fair International begins! For those who do not know, Light Fair International (LFI) is the premier event of the year for the lighting industry. An astounding 24,000 lighting enthusiasts from over 70 different countries attended LFI 2012 and even more are expected this year. The event will cover the launch of new products, changes in the market and other lighting solution topics. I, Dr. Bulb, will be headed to Light Fair 2013 and will of course post a blog with a first hand account of the event. Registration is open now so check out to book your ticket.

Light Fair International 2013 will take place in Philadelphia, PA and is sure to be the most informative lighting event of the year. There will be trade shows, seminars, conference workshops, exhibit halls and of course the LFI innovation awards. I am predicting that a large topic of focus will be LED technology. The LED market is undergoing major change with the reduction in cost of manufacturing and extended applications for LED lights. Check out some cool applications of LED lighting in these blogs; The Bay Lights, Indoor GPS Using LED Bulbs, and Improving College Campus Safety.

There are so many new lighting ventures at the moment, but my predictions for the main topics are as follows:

1- Decreased Price of LED bulbs.
Now that LED bulbs have become far superior in efficiency, most of the development will be used to reduce prices. Right now the biggest companies are competing to offer the lowest priced and most efficient LED bulb on the market. Eventually, a low priced LED bulb will create a payback period so short that customers will forget all about other types of traditional light bulbs.

2- Expansion of Uses For LED Bulbs
LED bulbs are becoming more attractive because of the drop in price, but an increase in functionality will also be implemented. The evolving technology of LED lamps now make them usable in commercial lighting. There is enough lumen output for LEDs to be practical for wall pack and bollard uses, while conserving energy.

3- Importance of an e-Commerce Lighting Store
Internet sales are on the rise, and it is now more important than ever to establish an online presence. Having a successfully-marketed lighting e-commerce site can make the difference between 10K and 100K in sales this coming year. Dr. Bulb recommends that each company pours a little extra of that sales budget into the online marketing budget to stay afloat this coming year.

So if you are a lighting enthusiast, make sure to book your ticket to Light Fair International 2013. And for the latest in lighting industry news, follow me on twitter @doctorbulb and subscribe to my blog.

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