Lighting Company Exceeds 100 Percent Increase in LED Revenue

LED lighting isn’t always the best choice for every application, but every year it gets closer to that point. Lighting companies are seeing an increase in LED sales as customers start to realize the value that LED presents compared to traditional sources like metal halide or high pressure sodium. Recently, Access Fixtures reported that LED sales have increased drastically from 2013—and the year isn’t even over yet!

The Massachusetts-based commercial and sports lighting company announced that revenue from the sales of LED products exceeded 100 percent in a year-over-year analysis. The company reported categories that had seen the largest growth include LED bollard lights, LED wall packs, and LED flood lights. In total, LED product sales currently exceed 50 percent of the company’s total revenue.

LED lighting is constantly advancing in efficacy, energy efficiency, and light quality. The revenue increase is a big step for LED lighting compared to past years when it wasn’t always worth the premium price. As prices fall and lumens per watt increase, consumers understand the benefits achieved by an energy-efficient and long-lasting solution. These improvements make LED the ideal choice for many applications, especially in areas where energy costs and longevity are an issue.

The company also reported an increase in LED retrofit kits, demonstrating that there’s an increase in property managers and electrical contractors who are updating existing luminaires from traditional sources to LED.

The rapid progression of LED lighting is demonstrated by Haitz’s Law. Every decade, the cost per lumen falls by a factor of 10 while the amount of light generated per LED package increases by a factor of 20. According to this law, it’s predicted that LED will continue to improve, and therefore, companies will likely continue to see an increase in LED sales.

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