Model for LED Streetlight Programs

Dr. Bulb here with an example of a successful LED streetlight program in the works. Many cities across the United States are making the switch to energy-efficient LED streetlights. One city in particular, Asheville, North Carolina, is doing this with an interesting financial model titled the “Green Capital Improvement Program.”

The Green Capital Improvement Program is a financial model where the lifetime energy savings of the LED lights are calculated to pay for the initial investment. In addition to the incredible energy savings (about $165,000.00) already achieved by the 3,400 LED streetlights currently installed in the city, the switch is expected to save $450,000 annually, once completed with 7,400 total fixtures. This program has been in the works for two years, and is expected to be complete by June of 2013. Asheville’s model is an excellent example for cities across the nation. LED streetlights are one way for the world to cut back on energy consumption. Read more about the city’s switch here.

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