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NAILD Modifies Training Program in Constantly Changing Industry

The National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors (NAILD) recently launched a revised version of their training program, the Lighting Specialist (LS1). As LED technology continues to evolve, training programs such as this are naturally forced to include the newest technology and skill sets required by the lighting industry.

An LS1 certification brings credibility to a professional and is a great idea for anyone wishing to become knowledgeable about lighting. This includes sales managers, electrical contractors and others working in the lighting industry. It is an online course and, as such, caters to busy professionals, allowing each candidate to complete the required modules at their own pace.

The program consists of different modules, each building on previous lessons to expand a candidate’s knowledge about different lighting subjects. In the update, existing lessons have been updated and new ones were added, including new material on solid state lighting. Participants also learn how different lights are typically designed, created, distributed, and used.

In addition to the new material on solid state lighting, revisions worked to make the program more effective in presenting material and making sure candidates were prepared to pass their certification exam.

However, there is a downside to the revisions. Module quizzes now require 100 percent completion scores to help ensure candidates would be ready to pass the final test. Fortunately, fill-in-the-blank sections were eliminated from both the quizzes and the final exam. At the end of the day, the new revisions have helped better adjust the exam to candidate needs and preparedness.

As an organization, NAILD works to educate manufacturers and distributors on best practices in the lighting industry. In a constantly changing industry, I, Dr. Bulb, think it’s imperative that the NAILD program continues to be revised.

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