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New Lighting for a Better (healthier) World

If you’re like me, Dr. Bulb, you may occasionally stress about the ever-escalating numbers on the scale. Well, do I have some fascinating news for you! A recent study at Cornell University has uncovered data that suggests changing the atmosphere of an eating establishment (specifically softer lighting, music and more comfortable furniture) may affect the volume of food consumed by customers (source).


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This study may have some interesting implications for the future of restaurants. The study showed that those who ate in establishments with softer lighting and a more comfortable environment consumed less food, even though they ordered approximately the same amount as in an environment without music and with harsher lights. This suggests that a restaurant that moves towards making a more cozy environment for their customers can reduce portion sizes, and leave customers just as happy and potentially even healthier than one that maintains less comfortable atmosphere.

There are many different types of light fixtures that can help achieve a soft, warm environment. Learn more about your lighting options.

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