Is OLED a Threat to LED?

LED lighting has become popular in recent years due to the longevity of the lights and their energy efficiency over traditional lighting technologies, but LED lighting may soon be replaced by OLED lighting!

There are an increasing number of OLED luminaires to choose from, including OLED panels, and these are loaded with enhanced benefits over LED lighting. The new technology may have the ability to perform with even greater energy efficiency without requiring replacement for 10 years or longer. In addition, the technology in OLED lighting is carbon-based, meaning organic materials are used to conduct electricity and to emit light. White light panels may be an option for development in the near future, and this can further enhance the growth of OLED over LED lights in the marketplace. Additional styles and functional improvements may continue to make OLED lighting an even better alternative to LED lights in the marketplace over the next few years.

When new technology is introduced into the marketplace in almost any area or segment, there is always a possibility that the technology will not actually be well-received by consumers. The same happened with LED lighting. Some consumers may continue to opt for the older models available with less innovative features for different reasons. For example, some consumers may believe that the newest products with the latest technological features and benefits are not worth the higher price. While this may be true with some innovations, many market analysts and experts believe that OLED will overtake LED in the marketplace within the next decade.

While there are clear benefits associated with the price of the OLED lighting as well as its lifetime and performance capabilities, some consumers may be slower to make an upgrade to their light fixtures. Generally, however, the improvement over OLED is expected to be well-received and gradually adopted by consumers in their buying decisions. For now, LED lighting is still a vast improvement from most traditional lighting technologies, particularly in energy efficiency and longevity.

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