Party On with LEDs

Do you like to party? Dr. Bulb sure does. Recently, a nightclub in the U.K. has come to my attention for their incredible LED room.

LEDs are growing in popularity in many ways. This nightclub is one of the most creative and exciting applications of LEDs that I’ve ever seen. The best part about it? These lights will probably last an incredibly long time without much maintenance, won’t cost the club a relative fortune (as almost any other type of light would), and are green technology, not contributing much to the club’s environmental footprint. Check out a video of the club’s incredible LED room below:

Some of the most practical uses of LEDs come from commercial and sports lighting. In both of these instances, using LEDs can reduce costs and energy consumption. These lights are extremely versatile, and one of the greenest lighting options available.

Find out more about commercial and sport LEDs.

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