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Americans Move to Energy Efficient Lighting

The incandescent bulb phase-out is making a difference in 2014.

Turns out that more Americans plans to switch to energy efficient lighting technologies, as a result of the legislation that is increasing efficiency standards. According to the sixth annual SYLVANIA Socket Survey, 65 percent of Americans plan to switch to more energy-efficient lighting technologies, including CFL, LED, and halogen. Fifty-nine percent of consumers are excited about the phase-out, as it will help Americans use more energy efficient lighting. The majority of consumers (46%) plan to switch to CFLs, while 24 percent will switch to LEDs and 13 percent say they will choose halogens. Consumers opted for CFL likely due to the high initial cost of LED.

Thirty percent of Americans report already having LEDs in their homes.

I, Dr. Bulb, am always happy to see progress in energy efficient lighting technologies. LED lamps provide excellent light distribution and low maintenance in fixtures such as bollard lights and wall packs. While LED is not always ideal for every application, there are other sufficient options that decrease energy use.

Only 4 in 10 consumers are aware of the January 2014 phase out of 60W and 40W incandescent bulbs. Yet, a sharp increase of consumers—from 16 to 30 percent—plan to stockpile traditional incandescent bulbs where still available and will continue using them. Eventually, they’ll have no choice but to choose an alternative. Thankfully the price of CFLs and LEDs is always dropping!

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