LEDs Illuminating at 90,000 hours

After the Bruins lost Game 1 of the Stanley Cup in one of the longest games in the history of the cup, I was not a happy Dr. Bulb—until I came across this piece of LED lighting news. I was so excited, I nearly forgot about the loss!

I, Dr. Bulb, learned that the newest LED modules have reached an extraordinary life of over 90,000 hours. In a recent press release,  Access Fixtures explains that their bollard lights with Xicato LED modules now achieve lumen maintenance of 80% at 90,000 hours, meaning 80% of initial light output is maintained after 90,000 hours of use. If LED bollards are on for nine hours a day, that’s 27 years of illumination!

Until recently, LED lighting could not be compared to the lumen output of metal halide or compact fluorescent lighting. This is the first time I’ve seen luminaires with LED light sources being promoted as having the performance specifications of a 250 watt metal halide. But compared to other light sources, LEDs last a lot longer and use only a fraction of the energy. What does this mean? LEDs have the same light output but cost significantly less in energy costs.

LED technology has made incredible progress and is reaching a higher return on investment than ever before. With decreasing prices, it is becoming the obvious choice for energy-efficient lighting. Twenty-seven years without having to change an LED module sounds great to me. One step closer to lumen maintenance of 100% at forever!

Now if only the Bruins can win the next game…

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