Is it magic? No, just an LED app.

When the Bruins defeated the Maple Leafs in a historic win a few nights ago, the LED lights in my bedroom started flashing the yellow, black, and brown of my favorite hockey team. I know what you’re thinking—I, Dr. Bulb, must have magical powers! Unfortunately I’ve yet to learn how to control the lights with my mind, but I can control them with the Philips Hue home lighting system.

The innovative app allows you to control the LED lights in your home from an iOS or Android device. But the app goes further than simply turning lights on or off—Hue can change the mood of a room by simulating pre-loaded “scenes.” With the recent release of Hue 1.1, the app makes me feel like I’m starring in a futuristic science fiction movie!

Here are some of the features:

Create a “Scene”
Hue comes with a variety of pre-loaded scenes. Select a color in the scene and set each bulb in a room to a different tone. You’re also able to use your own photos. Yesterday, I decided to recreate the lighting from the party I went to last weekend!

Light Recipes
Trying to relax after a long day? Phillip used their knowledge of lighting to create “light recipes” for different needs—to relax, concentrate, energize, and read. Select an option and Hue can transform the space and the way you feel.

Hue’s “alarm” function calendarised your time settings to wake you up and put you to bed at the same time every day. You can also set the alarm to “randomize” and the lights will turn on at slightly different times while you’re away on vacation. Perfect for when I, Dr. Bulb, go to LightFair each year.

Yesterday I was baking a pie and knew it was done when my room turned green! With the timer function, Hue can turn the lights off, flash, or change color after a set amount of time.

With Geofencing, all you have to do is walk in or out your door. The lights will turn on, off, or change to a preferred settings—and you don’t even have to take your phone out to do it.

IFTTT (If This Then That)
Philips partnered with IFTTT to enable you to connect your lights to over 60 products and services. Change your lights to blue when you receive a Facebook notification. Blink your lights when a sports team wins a game. You can be notified about virtually anything going on in the world!

Hue requires a wifi connection but it is rather simple to use. The downside to the new technology is the cost of $200-$300 for the starter pack and about $60 for each additional bulb. But for all the fun and convenience, it would be a worthwhile consideration for LED enthusiasts or commercial lighting specialists.

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