Take it to the Streets (with LEDs)!

Dr. Bulb here with another story about LED street lamps. The city, you ask? San Antonio, Texas. Yeehaw!


Many cities have been making the switch from outdated, energy-sucking, high-pressure sodium street lamps to new and efficient LEDs. The city of San Antonio chose Toshiba TGT LED Luminaires. These LEDs will replace over 20,000 street lights across the city.

These lamps use about 70% less energy than the high pressure sodium lamps they are replacing, and in this installation they have been rated for 100,000 hours.  This low energy use combined with the durability of these lights mean they require very little maintenance and low life cycle cost. Perhaps the biggest advantage of switching to these new LEDS is that they may positively affect public safety because of their high color rendering, uniformity and small target visibility. Read the article.

Learn more about Toshiba TGT LED Luminaires.

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